• Pipe Spring National Monument

    Pipe Spring

    National Monument Arizona


Desert Short Horned Lizard


Reptile skins are usually covered in scales or scutes. Sometimes they will be covered in both. Another characteristics of reptiles is that they breathe air. Most of the reptiles are cold blooded. For example: often you will spot a lizard sitting in the sun light(on a rock usually). If the lizard is just staying there and not moving, it is most likely trying to get its body warm. Click on one of the animals to the left to learn more about lizards and snakes.

Did You Know?

James Whitmore, and the Pipe Spring Longhorns of today, Whit and Tess

James Whitmore brought 400 longhorns with him from Texas to Utah in the 1850s. On April 13, 1863, Whitmore received a land certificate for a 160-acre tract, which included Pipe Spring.