• Paterson Great Falls

    Paterson Great Falls

    National Historical Park New Jersey


For People With Mobility Impairments:

The following visitor services and facilities are accessible to wheelchair users with assistance.

  • Overlook Park
  • Paterson Museum
  • Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center
  • Accessible bathrooms are located at the Paterson Museum
  • Guided tours led by the National Park Service, or its designees, can follow paved, wheelchair-accessible routes (assistance may be required, especially along narrow city sidewalks).

Please Note: There are no wheelchairs available to borrow at this time.

For People With Hearing Impairments:

A printed, self-guided walking tour, entitled Mill Mile is available for download at millmile.com, or in limited printed quantities available from your guide or at the Paterson Museum. This walking tour follows the guided tour route.

For People With Sight Impairments:

Large print or Braille versions of the guided tour are not yet available.

Please note: There is no film, video or audio-visual program at this time.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the park at 973-523-5295.

The tour route travels through parts of the Great Falls Historic District, which is administered by the City of Paterson, and includes visitor facilities such as the Paterson Museum and the Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center. If you have any questions regarding these facilities, please call the Paterson Museum at 973-321-1260 Tuesday - Sunday (except holidays).

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