• Pennsylvania Avenue

    Pennsylvania Avenue

    National Historic Site District of Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the road a part of this park?

No, the park contains the walkways along either side of the road bed. Look for the special brown pavers on the sidewalks to determine whether you are in this national park site.


What else does this park contain?

The park administers and/or coordinates activities at several memorials and buildings along the Avenue. In fact, the United States Navy Memorial, Freedom Plaza, The Old Post Office Tower, the American Expeditionary Forces Memorial, and Pershing Park are all part of this national park.

Did You Know?

Pennsylvania Avenue

World War I Veterans, or Bonus Marchers, illegally occupied several abandoned buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1932. U.S. Army troops commanded by General Douglas MacArthur removed them following a request for assistance from the Metropolitan Police Force.