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    Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm


For Kids

As fewer and fewer people move away from their agricultural roots, Oxon Hill Farm is a fun and educational way to introduce kids to a the natural and cultural implications of agriculture.

Whether you visit on a warm day or cool, there is something for kids to experience. Check out our Schedule of Events for seasonal events such as sheep shearing or apple cider pressing. Kids can learn about the various cultures that have contributed to park's history by joining us for our annual Holiday Cultural Festival in December to see how the Native American Peoples, the African-Americans, and the Europeans celebrated the holidays in the 1800s. Kids can also learn about cows and chickens by participating in some of our weekly programs. Or just take take a self-guiding tour and have the kids say hello to their favorite farm animal friend.


Print the following activities and bring them along to do with your kids on your trip to the park. Thinking about the exercises will help you to prepare for your trip.

Animal Observation Sheet

Thinking About the Resources

Wayside Information Scavenger Hunt

apple cider pressing with kids
Kids help press apples into cider. No tasting allowed!
NPS photo.

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