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  • No public programs Wednesday September 17, 2014

    The Park will be open but there will be no public programs on Wednesday September 17, 2014. Meet the Dairy Cow, the Wagon Ride, and Chicken & Egg programs will not be happening on this day. Please call the park at 301.839.1176 if you have any questions.

Queen Snake

queen snake

Regina septemvittata

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources lists the Queen Snake as an uncommon snake species of Maryland. Although, the Queen Snake is not endangered on the federal level, many states have listed them as endangered..

Queen snakes have quite specific habitat requirements. They require clear spring-fed streams with moderate to fast currents and rocky bottoms. Queen snakes are rarely found far from their water habitat. One of the reasons is that their main food source, freshly molted crayfish, live in these waters under the rocks.

If you are hiking in the park and spot a queen snake, please call 301-839-1176 or 202-690-5160 to report your findings.

Did You Know?

mt. welby

During the War of 1812, the Debutts family found three congreve rockets on the Mount Welby (19th century name of the Oxon Hill Farm property) grounds. The British Navy was not aiming at Mount Welby. They were sending a signal to other British ships anchored 20 miles away in the Patuxent River.