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    Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm


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  • Saturday October 4, 2014 Program Change

    Our Meet the Dairy Cow, Chicken Program, and Park's Past tour of the historic house will be offered on October 4, 2014. However, the Wagon Ride will not take place. Please call the park at 301.839.1176, if you have any questions.

Nature & Science

oxon run

Looking downstream towards Virginia along Oxon Run, a moderate sized stream that broadens into a wide shallow estuary before joining the Potomac River.

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Oxon Hill Farm and the natural areas of Oxon Cove Park comprise a rich, diverse ecosystem that supports a wide variety of plant and animal life.

The topography of the park consists of two general zones: an area of broad Potomac River Floodplain and a high upward terrace. The upland terrace is cut and divided by several small intermittent drainages and descend to the floodplain. The floodplain is crossed by Oxon Run, a stream that broadens into a shallow estuary before joining the Potomac River. Oxon Run itself has been trained and rationalized by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, so that its course only partially follows its original path.

Oxon Cove Park offers two trails that allow visitors to walk on their own pace to explore some of the natural features of the park. These trails are the .3 mile Woodlot Trail and the Hiker - Biker Trail which is 1.6 miles.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

In the early 1800's at least half of the population of Prince George's County, Maryland, was enslaved African Americans. Oxon Hill Farm is located in Prince George's County and seventeen enslaved people lived on the property in the 1800s.