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  • There will be no programs on Thursdays during April and May, 2014

    The park will be open but, programs are canceled on Thursdays during April and May, 2014. Please call 301.899.0503 if you have questions.

  • Wagon ride temporarily canceled.

    Our wagon is in the shop for a much needed "face-life." Call 301.839.0503 for more information.

Dr. & Mrs. Debutts

the debutts
Dr. Samuel DeButts, his wife, Mary Welby owned the Mount welby property from 1805 to 1843.
Artist: St. Memin. Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery.

Samuel DeButts was born in Ireland in 1756. He began his career as a doctor in England and there he met and married his wife, Mary Welby, in 1785. Samuel's practice was difficult, unprofitable, and kept the couple apart for weeks. Like hundreds of thousands of other European families, Samuel and Mary decided to immigrate to the United States to make a better life for their family.

Twenty years after the DeButts family arrived in America, Samuel signed a deed for a 206 acre land that is known today as Oxon Hill Farm. Samuel, however, named the new family home Mount Welby, in honor of his wife's family, and spent the rest of his days there. Samuel's grandchildren sold the property in 1843.

Did You Know?

mt. welby

During the War of 1812, the Debutts family found three congreve rockets on the Mount Welby (19th century name of the Oxon Hill Farm property) grounds. The British Navy was not aiming at Mount Welby. They were sending a signal to other British ships anchored 20 miles away in the Patuxent River.