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The Chateau, one of your "Great Lodges of Oregon"

The Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument is one of the National Park's Great Lodges and a National Historic Landmark. The six-story hotel located on the Monument offers a fine dining room, a 1930's era coffee shop, and 23 rooms. Each of the rooms in the Chateau has its own unique charm.

The Chateau is open early May through mid-October. For exact days, please visit their website: Oregon Caves Chateau.

The lobby of the Chateau.

The lobby of the Chateau.

Locally Produced Items and Services

Since its opening in 1934, the Chateau has offered rustic charm in a serene wooded setting with special events offered during the off-season. It features local produce, meats, wines, micro-brews and the talent work of local artists and crafters. For more information visit the Oregon Caves Chateau website or phone (541) 592-4440. For reservations phone (541) 592-3400 or toll free at 877-245-9022.

You will find local fare in the dining room and locally crafted gifts and works of art in the gift gallery, as well as locally produced furniture, soaps and shampoos in your hotel room; even the uniforms worn by the Chateau employees are made locally. By encouraging outlets for local products, the Oregon Caves Chateau hopes to make Illinois Valley an even nicer place to live.

The Oregon Caves Chateau is managed by a local nonprofit group, the Illinois Valley Community Development Organization. They use revenues from the operation of the Chateau to write grants and assist with programs that benefit the local community.


Learn More

Learn more about one of the National Park's Great Lodges at PBS. Visit: www.pbs.org/opb/greatlodges/nationalparks/pacific/caves.html.

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