• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

    National Monument Oregon

Plan Your Visit

Travel trailers and large RVs are not recommended beyond Grayback campground (mile post 12) due to the winding road to the Monument.

If you have a large RV or travel trailer, park it (for free) at the Illinois Valley Visitor Center (IVVC) in Cave Junction which is located on Hwy 46 at 201 Caves Highway, Cave Junction, OR 97523. This is just a short distance from Hwy 199 intersection in Cave Junction. Call (541) 592-4076 for more information. Please be advised that the IVVC is not staffed after 4:30 pm. Parking is at your own risk. It is recommended that you DO NOT park after hours and/or overnight.

There are also two campgrounds located on Highway 46 that will accommodate recreational vehicles and trailers overnight. These are Country Hills Resort (privately owned, located on Highway 46, eight miles southeast of Cave Junction) and Grayback Campground (a National Forest campground, located on Highway 46, twelve miles southeast of Cave Junction), both located on Highway 46.

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Underground Journeys

Exploring the passages of the caves has been a tradition for more than a century. All tours are Ranger-lead and your guide will lead you through the marble corridors and discuss the caves' natural and cultural history.

See the wonders of the "Marble Halls of Oregon"
See the wonders of the "Marble Halls of Oregon"

Aboveground Adventures

In addition to exploring the cave, have fun discovering what lies on the surface environment above the cave! There are a variety of adventures to experience aboveground in the Monument's old-growth forest.

This region is recognized as one of the most geologically unique and botanically diverse in the United States, see all there is to see and truly take advantage of your visit!

Did You Know?

A grylloblattid crawling over ice.

The grylloblattid, one of the half-dozen endemics found at Oregon Caves, contains anti-freeze properties in its blood to prevent freezing! Photo credit courtesy of Piotr Naskrecki.