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Are you dreaming of an Oregon Caves adventure?

We want to help you plan your visit!

Get ready for stalactites and stalagmites. Springtails and Harvestmen. Forests and lakes. Historic District and Pleistocene fossils. Oregon Caves offers countless opportunities for discovery and we hope you will have fun, make lifelong memories, and develop a deep connection to this special place.

Where to begin? This "Plan Your Visit" section has all kinds of helpful tips about things to know before you come, things to do, eating and sleeping, and current conditions. Dig deeper for information about accessibility, directions, operating hours and seasons, fees and passes, permits and reservations, and brochures. If you are planning a summer visit, the perfect place to start is with Operating Hours & Seasons.

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See the wonders of the "Marble Halls of Oregon"

See the wonders of the "Marble Halls of Oregon"

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