• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

    National Monument & Preserve Oregon

Teacher's Companion Guide to the Videos

The Teacher's Companion Guide to the Videos, 9000 KB, pdf file

The Teacher's Companion Guide to the Videos accompanies two 24-minute documentaries entitled The Marble Halls of Oregon: Exploring the Oregon Caves National Monument and Great Lodge at the Marble Halls of Oregon: The Chateau at the Oregon Caves.

The videos are intended to support teachers focused on bringing nature and history alive through the use of primary source documents, historical records, and hands-on activities for grades 3 through 8.

When finished with the videos and lesson plans, explore even further! Visit Oregon Caves virtual tour on-line at: www.gotouroregoncaves.com. This online adventure transports you to the marble world beneath the ancient forest for an interactive experience.

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