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Geology: Our Changing Earth

treasure box activity in cave

While in the cave, students discover treasure boxes.


For Grades 3 - 5

Understanding geology, the study of the Earth and its changes, is essential to appreciate the world around us. The geology program offered at Oregon Caves National Monument builds on students' prior knowledge of geology and adheres to California and Oregon state standards. In addition, the program increases students' appreciation for the natural world by encouraging discovery and exploratory learning. The program covers the rock cycle, cave formations, and processes such as erosion and weathering.

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Teacher's Guide to Geology: Our Changing World Lesson Plan Packet

Teacher's Guide to Geology: Our Changing World, 10,000 KB, pdf file

Included in the booklet are seven lesson plans. Three lesson plans are ideal to conduct before the field trip to the caves (pre-visit lesson plans). Two lesson plans can be used before or after the field trip to the caves (pre/post-visit lesson plans) and the last two are for after the field trip to the caves (post-visit lesson plans).

Following the lesson plans are a Ranger Classroom presentation quiz and answer sheet that can be used after a Ranger visits your school. Found next in the booklet are worksheets and handouts for you to use throughout the program as you see fit. Throughout the booklet, you will find some words in bold and they are defined in the glossary section.

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