Discover the Marble Halls of Oregon

Nestled deep inside the Siskiyou Mountains, the caves formed as rainwater from the ancient forest above dissolved the surrounding marble and created a special marble cave system. The highly complex geology found on the Monument and Preserve contributes to the unusual and rare plants and animals found here. Experience the extensively decorated and adventurous "Marble Halls of Oregon."


Become a volunteer at Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve

Summer 2015 Volunteer Opportunity

Summer 2015 Volunteer Opportunity at Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.

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Park Ranger show the view of the Siskiyou Mountains

Hike Through Ancient Forests

Explore the hiking trails. The Monument and Preserve contain endemic Port-Orford-cedar and one of the largest Douglas-fir trees in Oregon.

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Little brown bat with white-nose syndrome, New York; photo courtesy Al Hicks, New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Avoid Spreading the Fungus that Causes White-Nose

Plan ahead and do not bring any items that have been worn or used in any cave or mine east of the Rocky Mountains since 2005, or in Europe.

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