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  • Olympic Hot Springs Road Closed

    The Elwha Valley's Olympic Hot Springs Road is closed to public entry beyond the Altair Campground during removal of the Glines Canyon Dam. Olympic Hot Springs is not accessible from the Elwha.


Olympic National Park operates 16 front-country campgrounds with a total of over 900 sites; click HERE for a PDF handout. For back-country camping information, click HERE. IMPORTANT NOTE: All park campsites are available on a first-come, first served basis, with the exception of Kalaloch Campground and the two group campgrounds, as noted below.
  • Park campgrounds can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 21 feet in length, unless otherwise noted in the chart below.
  • Park campground toilets are wheelchair accessible, unless otherwise noted in the chart below.
  • All park campsites provide a picnic table and fire pit. Note that a fire ban may be in effect, depending upon conditions.
  • Park campgrounds do not have hook-ups or showers.
  • Group campgrounds are available by reservation at Sol Duc and Kalaloch.
  • Concession-operated RV parks are located within the park at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort and Log Cabin Resort on Lake Crescent.

    Always check road conditions before you come.

Due to mandatory, across the board budget cuts, some campground services have changed. Please consult the following table for current information.

Campground Status Season Fee No. Sites Facilities Comments


5/22 - 9/16

$12 30 Running water & flush toilets In wooded area along Elwha River; some riverside sites; 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').
Deer Park


$10 14 Pit toilets, no water

Tents only. Near treeline, but among groves of subalpine firs; elevation 5,400'. Access road is narrow & winding, gravel, not suitable for RVs or trailers.



Walk in only



Pit toilets, no water Dosewallips Road is washed out & closed to vehicles 5.5 miles from campground.


Year round; primitive.

$12 40 Pit toilets, no water

In wooded area in Elwha Valley; 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').

Fairholme Closed

5/1 - 10/1

$12 88 Running water At west end of Lake Crescent. Fairholme General Store, boat launch nearby; 21' recommended RV length
Graves Creek


Year round; primitive.

$12 30 Pit toilets, no water

Along Graves Creek, in temperate rain forest; 21' recommended RV length

Heart O'the Hills


Year round, but may be walk-in only when snowed in. $12 105 Running water In old growth forest. Closest campground to Hurricane Ridge. Campfire programs in summer. 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').


Year round (A Loop)

$12 88 Running water all year. In old growth temperate rainforest along Hoh River. Campfire programs in summer. 21' recommended RV length.


Year round $14 to $18 170 Running water all year. ONLINE RESERVATIONS accepted for camping between June 18 - Sept. 1, 2014. (Reservations can be made no more than 6 months in advance beginning December 17, 2013.) First come, first serve remainder of year. On bluff overlooking Pacific, some view sites. Campfire programs in summer. 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').


Year round (A Loop)

$12 94 Running water all year. Among trees two miles from Rialto Beach and Pacific Ocean. Some sites have views of Quillayute River. 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').
North Fork


not expected to open this year



Pit toilet, no water. NOT recommended for large RVs & trailers. In temperate rainforest, elevation 520'.


Year round; many sites close in winter due to high water.

$12 15 Pit toilet, no water. Next to Lake Ozette, views of lake. 21' recommended RV length.


Year round. Primitive. (Check road status in winter.) $10 20 Pit toilet, no water.

Queets Road reroute now open. RVs/trailers not recommended.

Sol Duc


Year round; primitive 10/1 - 5/1 (and may be walk in if Sol Duc Road closed). $14 82 Running water in summer, pit toilets & no water in winter.

Old-growth forest along Sol Duc River; some riverside sites. 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').

South Beach


5/21 - 9/7

$10 55 No potable water. Flush toilets not wheelchair accessible. Open field, little shade or privacy. Short walk to Pacific Ocean beach. 21' recommended RV length (some for up to 35').


Year round; primitive and walk-in only this winter.

$12 47 Running water in summer, pit toilets & no water in winter. Flush toilets are not accessible. In old growth forest, along Skokomish River. Some riverside sites. 21' recommended RV lengths (some for up to 35').
Hoh Campground
The Hoh Campground is one of the many camping options at Olympic National Park

Did You Know?

DYK fisher release

Fishers (members of the weasel family, related to minks and otters) were reintroduced to Olympic National Park in 2008-10. They are native to the forests of Washington, including the Olympic Peninsula, but disappeared due to overtrapping in the late 1800s/early 1900s and habitat loss.