• Great Temple Mound


    National Monument Georgia

Things To Do


* Envision the past viewing exhibits and a 17-minute movie at the Museum.

* Stroll to the Earthlodge and Early Mississippian temple mounds.

* Immerse yourself in a wetlands environment by taking a walk on our boardwalk.

* Walk back in time through the wilderness of the Ocmulgee River floodplain on the River Trail.

* Bicycle on the park road

* Contemplate Georgia's "Fall Line" environment along Walnut Creek.

* See Ocmulgee after dark during Lantern Light Tours in March.

* Learn about Middle Georgia's history and environment during Earthday in April.

* Experience the very special Ocmulgee Indian Celebration on the third weekend in September.

* Browse through the Ocmulgee National Monument Association's Museum Shop.

Did You Know?

View of the side of the Art Moderne visitor center at Ocmulgee National  Monument

This beautiful Art Moderne Visitor Center at Ocmulgee National Monument was started during the 1930's but wasn't finished until 1952. It originally housed the SouthEastern Archeological Conference, a storage and research facility that moved down to Tallahassee Florida