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View of Earth Lodge from the Vistior Center

View of Earth Lodge from the Visitor Center

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While visiting the park visit our earth lodge. This was a council chamber more than 1000 years ago, the floor is carbon dated to 1015. We have 7 mounds in the park for you to see, the tallest is the Great Temple Mound it is 55 feet tall. The Mississippian Culture built the mounds here from 900-1250 CE. The mounds are solid earth and were constructed to place structures on top of them for the elite members of the village. One mound in the park is a burial mound for the elite of the village. Our museum has over 2,000 artifacts on display;oldest artifact carbon dates to 12,000 B.C.E. Ocmulgee National Monument is home to the largest archeology dig in American history;from 1934-1941 archeologists found over 2.5 million artifacts here with 800 men working at one time. The museum has a 17 minute orientation film on history of the park.


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