• Great Temple Mound


    National Monument Georgia

Operating Hours & Seasons

Operating Hours

Open daily, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closed Christmas (Dec 25) and New Years Day (Jan 1)

SPRING- Cool nights and warm days bring unpredictable rains and a forest filled with flowers.

SUMMER- Very hot and humid days, with lots of insects to keep you company. Bring a good hat and a water bottle to go walking.

AUTUMN- Lush green fields blossom with a variety of fall colors. Birds heading south stop to visit our wetlands areas. A great season to visit.

WINTER- Sunshine warms the cold mornings providing perfect weather for a family hike. Not a mosquito to be seen! Great time of year to come for a walk in the park.

Did You Know?

photo of sword found at British Trading post

This sword was discovered during the archeological investigation of Ocmulgee National Monument. It was found at the site of a 1700's British trading post but the handle looks like a Spanish style weapon. Archeologists will someday decipher the history of this weapon as it traveled around the world.