• Great Temple Mound


    National Monument Georgia


The park Visitor Center is wheelchair accessibility. The park also has a wheelchair to loan out to visitors for use during their visit to the park. The park's earth lodge has a long low clearence entrance and is not accessible to most wheelchairs. The most visited mounds in the park you can access by automoblie however to get to the top you must climb about 80 steps to reach to the top.

We have a 17 minute orientation film which has closed caption for deaf/hearing loss visitors.

Only Service Dogs are permitted to be in the Visitor Center.

Did You Know?

picture of ancient shell carving of a person in a canoe

Designs like this person in a canoe show us art and views of life from the ancient past. Carved into a seashell, we wonder today if jewelry like this was just ornamentation or if perhaps each design had important symbolic meanings.