• Rafting through the Obed Wild & Scenic River gorge


    Wild & Scenic River Tennessee

Where To Eat

There are several eating establishments in Wartburg. Most are typical franchise restaurants that are open daily, but some are not. Please contact the eating establishments below for their particular days and hours of operation.

* Hardees, 1122 Knoxville Highway, Wartburg, 423-346-7666

* Sonic, 3796 Morgan County Highway, Wartburg, 423-346-2270

* Subway, 222 Mill Street, Wartburg, 423-346-1850

* Angie's, 107 N. Kingston Street, Wartburg, 423-346-7000 or 423-346-7001

* El Patron (Mexican Restaurant), 3688 Morgan County Highway, Wartburg, 423-346-4644

* Partner's Pizza & Deli, 1276 Knoxville Highway, Wartburg, 423-346-6437

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that more than a dozen boulders are located along the Boulder Trail? There are also more than 100 boulders located throughout the river's boundaries. Many rock climbers also enjoy boulder climbing along the Obed.