Our Staff & Offices

Although small, the staff of Obed Wild and Scenic River performs a diverse range of duties.

Administrative staff members fulfill essential support functions such as budgeting, payroll and property management.

Resource management staff are the individuals directly responsible for using science-based techniques to monitor and protect the park's natural and cultural resources.

Maintenance personnel work to improve or prolong the life of the park's assets and conduct routine activities that are essential to visitor enjoyment of the park.

The park's interpretive staff manage the day to day operations of the park's visitor center and participate in a wide array of programs, educational outreach activities and special events that are designed to increase public understanding and appreciation for the park.

In addition to performing traditional law enforcement duties to protect park visitors and park resources, protection rangers are actively involved in areas such as emergency medical services and search and rescue.

The efforts of the full time staff listed below are supplemented by the assistance of part time and seasonal personnel.

Superintendent Niki Stephanie Nicholas
Administrative Officer Dru James
Administrative Assistant Melissa Bunch
Supervisory Budget Analyst Angie Graham
Chief of Resource Management Tom Blount
Resource Management Specialist Rebecca Schapansky
Cultural Resource Specialist/Archaeologist Tim Smith
Biological Technician Justin Coffey
Chief of Facility Management Johanna Wheeler
Maintenance Worker Dave Swanson
Chief Ranger Matt Hudson
Park Ranger (Protection) Brett Painter
Park Ranger (Protection) Thomas Hall
Chief of Interpretation Christopher Derman
Park Ranger (Interpretation) Joe Zagorski
Park Guide Chance Hall
Park Guide Veronica Greear

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