Park Management

The Obed Wild and Scenic River was set aside in 1976, as a unit of the National Park System to protect the unique resources found along the Obed and Emory Rivers and their major tributaries. An amendment to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act states that the park was created to protect the park's free-flowing streams, wildlife resources, primitive character, and other "outstandingly remarkable values" for the benefit of future generations.

The management documents that you'll find on this page represents many years of accumulated research, scientific studies, and scholarly assessments depicting the park's past, present, and future.

Management Documents

Amendment to the Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment - Howard/White Unit No. 1 Oil Spill (To comment on this document, click this link and follow the instructions there.)

Obed Draft Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment (DARP/EA) Final Version

Characterization of Plant Community Structure and Abiotic Conditions on Climbed and Unclimbed Cliff Faces in the Obed River Gorge

Damage Assessment Study Plan: Pryor Oil Well Fire and Spill

Obed WSR Rock Climbing Survey Results

Oil Spill Preassessment Phase Report

Obed Vicinity Map


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