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The Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Program


An Obed Teacher-Ranger-Teacher works on a school project during National Park Week.

Joe Zagorski

The Obed Wild and Scenic River participates in the National Park Service program called Teacher to Ranger to Teacher. Applications are accepted from Morgan, Cumberland, and Anderson counties in Tennessee. Applicants must have a teaching degree.

One educator will be selected from the applicants to work as a park ranger during the summer. While wearing the National Park ranger uniform, the teacher performs various duties depending on their interests and the needs of the park. Some duties include developing and presenting interpretive programs for the general public, staffing the visitor center desk, developing curriculum-based materials for the park, and taking on educational projects. The teacher then takes back to the classroom curriculum-based programs that draw on the summer's experience and introduces students to the remarkable American heritage that national parks preserve. Teacher Rangers form a link between school children and National Parks.

Teacher Rangers bring their expertise and classroom skills along with a deep desire to share nature with students. Teacher Rangers return to school in the fall with fresh ideas about connecting kids to the outdoors. During National Park Week in April, Teacher Rangers will wear their NPS uniform to school. Students and other teachers will participate in activities that the Teacher Ranger develops about the Obed Wild and Scenic River and other national parks.

National parks enrich the lives of many in this nation. They provide access to the powerful ideas, values, and meanings associated with the remarkable cultural, natural, and recreational heritage of the United States. The National Park Service strives to provide opportunities for all Americans to connect to their national heritage through the national parks. However, these opportunities are lacking for some children -- often due to a variety of social and economic factors. The Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Program offers a solution, by linking National Park units with teachers from local school districts.

The TRT program is made possible through an Inter-governmental Personnel Act Agreement (IPA) between the public school district and the NPS. The program was initiated in 2003 and became a national program in 2007. As park ambassadors, the Teacher Rangers take what they learn back to their home schools and share unique experiences with children, the future caretakers of America's special places. During the summer of 2010, parks nationwide had over 125 Teacher Rangers.

If a local teacher in Morgan, Cumberland, or Anderson County is interested in applying for the Teacher to Ranger to Teacher program at the Obed Wild and Scenic River, they may do so by contacting Obed Park Ranger Matt Hudson at 423-346-6294, or e-mail us.

Send your application to Howard Duncan by mail or e-mail us:

Big South Fork NRRA
ATTN: Howard Duncan

4564 Leatherwood Rd
Oneida, Tennessee 37841

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Obed is home to over 100 species of birds? Many of America's most unique species of birds can be seen during their migratory seasons along the Obed.