• Fa'asamoa

    National Park of American Samoa

    American Samoa

Outdoor Activities

With a secluded sand beach and fringing reef, the Ofu unit of the park is an ideal place to snorkel or to simply enjoy the solitude. The island of Olosega rises in the distance.

The best outdoor activities at this park include nature study of tropical wildlife and coral reef marine habitats, and enjoying the many outstanding island and sea landscapes.

National parklands on Ofu lie along the southeast coast. Here, you will find coconut palms swaying in the warm ocean breeze along secluded beaches. Bring snorkeling gear to observe hundres of species of fish, corals, other marine life in its reef. From Ofu, cross the bridge to visit the tropical rainforest-cloaked Olosega.

Did You Know?

A humpback whale breaches almost entirely out of the water

During the warm months of the southern hemisphere, Samoa’s humpback whales feed in the rich Antarctica waters, 3,200 miles to the south. When Antarctic's bitter winter sets in, humpbacks seek warmer waters, migrating northward, towards Australia and Tonga. At least some migrate onward to Samoa.