• Fa'asamoa

    National Park of American Samoa

    American Samoa

Hiking and Beachwalking

Hiking signage over at Lower Sauma ridge trail.
View from the start of the Lower Sauma Ridge Trail.
Ofu island beach photo

This beautiful white sandy beach in the national park's Ofu unit is great for beach walking and snorkeling.


Day Hikes Brochure (PDF file)

The National Park of American Samoa offers a variety of hikes for all abilities. Enjoy experiences that include tropical rainforests, beach walks, and steep panoramic vistas. Whether you need solitude, wildlife sightings, or are interested in history and culture, there is a hike for all interests. Checkout our Day Hikes brochure for more information and options throughout American Samoa's islands.

Did You Know?

Pola Islands are a dominant feature of Tutuila Island’s rugged north coastline

American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of the Equator, consists of 10 rugged, highly eroded volcanic islands (five inhabited) and two coral atolls (one inhabited). The land area of the territory is 76 square miles.