• Fa'asamoa

    National Park of American Samoa

    American Samoa

Park Statistics

Fiscal Year 2009 Congressional Gross Area Acres = 13,500
(9,500 Land / 4,000 Ocean)

Fiscal Year 2010 = 3,006

Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Budget = $1,951,000
($537,017 / year of the above annual budget is used for lease payments to the villages)

Did You Know?

A humpback whale breaches almost entirely out of the water

During the warm months of the southern hemisphere, Samoa’s humpback whales feed in the rich Antarctica waters, 3,200 miles to the south. When Antarctic's bitter winter sets in, humpbacks seek warmer waters, migrating northward, towards Australia and Tonga. At least some migrate onward to Samoa.