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Checklist of the Corals

Coral reef
Coral reefs at the park waters have great beauty and high biodiversity.

Click here to use the Checklist of Park Corals. This is the current list of corals recorded at the park and has many illustrations.

The species lists are kept at the Pacific Islands Cooperative Ecosystems Study Unit (PI CESU), University of Hawaii. The National Park Service is an active member of the PI CESU.

At the species lists checklists there is a link to return to the park website at the bottom left footnote.

Did You Know?

Pola Islands are a dominant feature of Tutuila Island’s rugged north coastline

American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of the Equator, consists of 10 rugged, highly eroded volcanic islands (five inhabited) and two coral atolls (one inhabited). The land area of the territory is 76 square miles.