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    National Park of American Samoa

    American Samoa

Home Stay Activities

Weavers of fine mats
Artisans weave Pandanus (laufala) tree leaves into mats. Add to your weaving knowledge by learning simple methods, like weaving fans from palm leaves.

Some artisans may dry and paint the bark of the Mulberry tree. Weavers use pandanas leaves to create fine mats, baskets and hats. Samoans tend plantations and gardens by clearing brush, planting taro and bananas, and tending mango, and papaya trees. Some villagers may climb coconut and breadfruit trees to gather food. You may even have a chance to fish, Samoan style. Samoans use poles and nets to fish, or walk along the reef to collect giant clams and spear octopus. At certain times of the year, villagers catch fish with palm leaves. These and other cultural experiences may be a memorable part of your visit to American Samoa.

Did You Know?

Pacific golden plover in breeding plumage—soon to be flying 5,500 miles to the Alaskan Arctic

During northern summers, three shorebirds--plover, turnstone, and tattler--nest in Alaska and northern Canada. After nesting, they fly non-stop over 3,000 miles of open ocean to Hawaii. After briefly resting there, they continue another 2,500 miles to American Samoa. The round-trip journey each year is 11,000 miles!