• Ice crystals form on ground vegetation


    National Preserve Alaska

Guided Activities in Noatak

In Noatak National Preserve, as in all national park units, commercial business activities are limited and require specific authorization and approval from the National Park Service before any guided activity or business can occur.

The Alaska Regional Office maintains a directory of commercial businesses with permits to operate in national parks in this region. Visit their site and select this park for a list of commercial businesses authorized to operate in Noatak. Some business activities such as guided hunting are authorized through a formal concessions permit. Search the directory for authorized concessioners in Noatak.

Did You Know?

A mother and baby Dall Sheep stand on a rocky hillside.

Noatak National Preserve provides critical habitat for one of the most northern populations of Dall sheep in the world. The coastal Inupiat word for Dall sheep is Imnaiq; the Kobuk dialect word is Ipnaiq