Wilderness Adventure

As one of North America's largest mountain-ringed river basins with an intact ecosystem, the Noatak River environs features some of the Arctic's finest arrays of plants and animals. The river is classified as a national wild and scenic river, and offers stunning wilderness float-trip opportunities - from deep in the Brooks Range to the tidewater of the Chukchi Sea.


Sunset on the Noatak

The Noatak River

Flanked by the Delong and Baird mountains of the Brooks Range, the river offers 280 miles of superlative wilderness float-trip opportunities.

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A wooden scoop with teeth to harvest berries


Today, as in the past, the land provides for local families. They rely on berries, fish, & wildlife to sustain their physical and spiritual culture.

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Muskox cow and the back side of a calf

Running Herd Blog

"Running Herd…on Fieldwork in the Western Arctic National Parklands" highlights the work being done by scientists and rangers in the parks.

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