• Ice crystals form on ground vegetation


    National Preserve Alaska


The museum collection of Noatak National Preserve contains a range of natural history specimens and cultural artifacts representing several disciplines and specialties such as biology, geology, paleontology, archeology, and archives.

The vast majority of specimens and artifacts cataloged into the park collection are associated with scientific research activities. The archives are largely administrative records, reports and archeological field notes.

As of 2008, items in the collection include –

Archeological artifacts: 44,823

Archival items: 6,237

Biological specimens: 2,651

Paleontological specimens: 1

Geological specimens: 1,229

Total items: 54,941

View the collection catalog records online through the NPS WebCatalog.

Did You Know?

Setting sun casts dramatic highlights and shadows on the clouds and snow covered mountains.

Noatak National Preserve lies entirely north of the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is located at 66º 33’N Latitude and circumscribes an area in which the sun does not set at least one day per year.