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    National Preserve Alaska

MK MacNaughton

Juneau artist MK MacNaughton graced Noatak National Preserve with her painting skills during the summer of 2012. She was an artist in residence associated with the Voices of the Wilderness program. She created beautiful landscape paintings of the Noatak wilds. One is displayed in the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center in Kotzebue. MK also used her talents to do charcoal sketches of community elders, including this one of Bob Uhl. See the full portfolio of her work on her website.

Read more about MK's experience and other artists in the parks on the Running Herd blog:

A View of the Noatak from Juneau
Voices of the Wilderness
Inspired: 2013 Artists-in-Residence

charcoal sketch of Bob Uhl
"Bob Uhl"
charcoal on paper
MK MacNaughton
MK MacNaughton Painting
"Lunch Break With Copter Peak"
oil on canvas
MK MacNaughton

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