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    Natchez Trace

    National Scenic Trail Mississippi


NATT map

The official map and guide for the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail is available for download.

NPS Image

Download a copy of the official map and guide to the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail.

Page one (1.7 MB)

Page two (2.2 MB)

Individual maps are also available for each section of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail for download.

Potkopinu Overview milepost 17-20 (9.6 MB)

Potkopinu Detail (369 KB)

Rocky Springs Overview milepost 52.4-59 (4.6 MB)

Rocky Springs Detail (1.7 MB)

Yockanookany Overview milepost 108-131 (3.7 MB)

Yockanookany Detail (6.2 MB)

Blackland Prairie Overview milepost 260.8-266 (2.1 MB)

Blackland Prairie Detail (2.1 MB)

Highland Rim Overview milepost 407.9-427.4 (193 KB)

Highland Rim Detail (5.3 MB)

Did You Know?

The Tupelo Trail in Mississippi is one of the four sections of National Scenic Trail in the park.

The National Trails System Act of 1968 identified the Natchez Trace as one of the initial 14 routes nationwide thought to have potential as a national scenic trail.