A Walk through History

The 450-mile foot trail that became known as the Natchez Trace was the lifeline through the Old Southwest.  You can experience portions of that journey the way earlier travelers did - on foot.  Today there are five separate trails totaling over 60 miles and they are administered by the Natchez Trace Parkway.


Hikers along Potkopinu

Potkopinu Trail

Experience history as you walk along this quiet, three-mile "sunken" trail, altered by the feet of thousands of travelers. Shallow water crossings.

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Image of Rocky Springs trail through mixed forest of pines and hardwoods.

Rocky Springs Trail

About 30 miles southwest of Jackson, Mississippi, near Port Gibson, the Rocky Springs section offers almost ten miles of trail.

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bridge on the Yockanookany section of the NST

Yockanookany Trail

The Yockanookany Trail is 24 miles long and passes through a variety of areas of historical significance and natural beauty.

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logo of the natchez trace national scenic trail with a man on a horse in a triangular shaped logo

Blackland Prairie Trail

The Blackland Prairie Trail near Tupelo winds for six miles through hardwood forests and blackbelt prairie.

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Two people ride horses on the Highland Rim section of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail.

Highland Rim Trail

The Highland Rim Trail is 25 miles long and located about 40 miles south of Nashville.

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