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    National Historical Park Mississippi

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From the cypress swamp and pillared portico of the Melrose mansion to the stately downtown home of William Johnson, Natchez National Historical Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the antebellum South. The park is open year-round.


PLEASE NOTE: The wheelchair lift at Melrose is not currently in operation. In addition, the video of the second floor is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please visit the Slavery in America website under "Melrose Interactive Slavery Environment" for a virtual tour of Melrose.


While only the first floor of Melrose is wheelchair accessible via a wheelchair lift a video tour of the second floor is available at the visitors' center upon request. Furthermore, assisted listening devices are available for hearing impaired visitors as well as a tactile exhibit of the house. Accessibility parking is available in the main parking lot.

William Johnson House

All areas of the William Johnson House are accessible to wheelchairs. In addition, audio players and braille exhibits are available for sight impaired visitors as well as a tactile exhibit of all three structures of the William Johnson House. Assisted listening devices are available for downtown walking tours which usually start at the William Johnson House. The city offers two on-street accessibility parking places near the William Johnson House. One is located on the right side of State St. just past the intersection with Canal St. The second is located on the right side of Wall St. just before the intersection with State St.


Did You Know?

John J. Audubon

Famous naturalist and artist John James Audubon taught at Elizabeth Female Academy, near Natchez, in 1822. His time in the area influenced his artistic endeavors.