• Visitors from all over the world come to explore the tranquility, beauty, and nature sounds of Muir Woods National Monument.

    Muir Woods

    National Monument California

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  • All Trails at Muir Woods are Open. Middle Green Gulch Trail at Muir Beach access limited.

    Middle Green Gulch trail is accessible at all times from the farm, starting at the office end of the farm. Access to Middle Green Gulch is closed from the Kaasai direction during the week. All trails open after 4:30 M -- F, and all day Saturday/Sunday. More »

  • Ranger's Tips on How to Experience Muir Woods Safely and How to Find Parking

    Parking is limited. Often visitors find shoulder parking and walk on the narrow road to the Visitor Center. Read the ranger's tips on the Best Times to Visit Muir Woods. Take the Muir Woods Shuttle weekends & holidays through October. More »

Invertebrates of Muir Woods

Banana Slug

Banana Slug traveling across the forest floor.

National Park Service

Visitors to Muir Woods often comment on the lack of wildlife. But if they were to get out a magnifying glass, they would see that life in the redwood forest is not only abundant, it is everywhere; it's just smaller than they expected. From the dramatic and beautiful, such as butterflies and slugs, to the microscopic, such as springtails, the invertebrates of the Monument play a vital role in the health of Muir Woods.

Did You Know?

Banana Slug moving accross trail in Muir Woods

Banana Slugs are North America’s largest land mollusk. They are a gastropod which means footed stomach. They crawl along the forest floor crunching up and decomposing dead material. More...