• Mount Rushmore, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln framed by ponderosa pine trees under a bright blue sky.

    Mount Rushmore

    National Memorial South Dakota


A driver using a GPS unit.

Many visitors are now using in-car GPS navigation systems when traveling. Unfortunately, the postal street address (13000 Highway 244, Keystone, South Dakota) for Mount Rushmore National Memorial does not register in many navigation systems.

To find Mount Rushmore National Memorial using a navigation system, consider using one of the alternatives below:

  • enter Keystone, SD 57751 (closest town, 3 miles from Mount Rushmore National Memorial)

  • use Intersections setting (closest to Mount Rushmore National Memorial)
    Keystone, SD, Hwy 244 & Hwy 16A (Alt)

  • use Points of Interest setting
    "Mt Rushmore National Memorial"

  • use Coordinates setting
    Latitude/Longitude Coordinates for Mount Rushmore National Memorial
N 43° 53.559' W 103° 28.246'

Decimal coordinates

43.8789472 -103.459825

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) for Mount Rushmore National Memorial

623773E 4859716N Zone 13

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Mountain Goats are not native to the Black Hills. The population can be traced back to six goats, a gift to Custer State Park by Canada in 1924, that escaped from their pens and found their home among the granite peaks of the Black Hills. There are now approximately 200 mountain goats in the area.