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Penstemon growing along the road to Sunrise.

Penstemon wildflowers growing along the road to Sunrise.

NPS Photo


Mount Rainer's renowned wildflowers bloom for a limited amount of time every year. The "peak" bloom for wildflowers is heavily dependent on weather and precipitation patterns, so accurate predictions are difficult. In most years, many flowers will be blooming by mid-July, and by the first of August the meadows should be very impressive. Frost can occur by late August, but even after light frosts the meadows continue to be very beautiful, thanks to changing leaf colors and seed pod development that take the place of colorful blossoms.

For a better idea of what the wildflowers are doing this year, please see the Currently Blooming section below, which summarizes what's blooming where.

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Lush green plants fill a meadow at the base of a rocky ridge.

Meadow plants including distinctive, large-leaved Corn Lilies, fill the meadows around Owyhigh Lakes, beneath Governors Ridge. Photo taken June 22, 2015.

NPS/Carolyn Loren Photo

Currently Blooming - June 25, 2015
Meadows throughout the park are lush with a variety of plants and wildflowers. One plant that stands out for its large, ribbed leaves is Corn Lily (Veratrum viride), also known as False Hellebore. These plants provide interesting texture to any meadow, growing to be 2.5-6.5 feet (0.7-2m) tall, with star-shaped, pale-green flowers clustered on drooping, branched stalks. They are also extremely poisonous. Deer, for example, will not eat this plant, except for in the fall when the leaves turn brown and loose their toxicity.

Wildflower Reports

  • Owyhigh Lakes: (6/22) corn lilies, magenta paintbrush, arnica, alpine aster, tiger lilies, rosy spirea, thistle, cascade penstemon
  • Berkeley Park: (6/21) avalanche lilies, glacier lilies, bird's beak lousewort, paintbrush, menzie's penstemon, sitka valerian, paintbrush, rosy spirea, American bistort
  • Tipsoo: (6/17) sitka valerian, arnica, magenta paintbrush, lupine, pasqueflower seedheads, sitka mountain ash, bistort, subalpine daisy, cinquefoil, buttercup, alpine speedwell, cusick's speedwell, avalanche lily, glacier lily, smooth stem willowherb
  • Sunrise: (6/17) magenta paintbrush, phlox, cusick's speedwell, cinquefoil, pasqueflower seedheads, slow jacob's ladder, bluebell, pink mountain heather, lupine, harsh paintbrush, subalpine daisy, arnica
  • Sunrise Road: (6/17) thimbleberry, lupine, penstemon, paintbrush, sitka valerian, arnica, sitka mountain ash, yarrow, pink mountain heather, phlox, cinquefoil, columbine
  • White River: (6/17) vanilla leaf, bunchberry, columbine, asters, thimbleberry, thistle, sitka mountain ash, lupine
  • SR410: (6/17) lupine, sitka valerian, paintbrush, arnica, bear grass, cow parsley, goat's beard, columbine, thimbleberry, rosy spirea, sitka mountain ash, cow parsley, goat's beard, penstemon, thistle
  • SR123: (6/17) arnica, tiger lily, columbine!, thimbleberry, goat's beard, paintbrush, sitka valerian, lupine, subalpine daisy
  • Grove of the Patriarchs: (6/17) foam flower, pathfinder, starflower, thimbleberry, candyflower, self-heal, columbine, cow parsley, vanilla leaf, devil's club, bunchberry
  • Ohanapecosh: (6/17) devil's club, goat's beard, foam flower, thimbleberry, twin flower
  • Stevens Canyon: (6/17) arnica, goat's beard, paintbrush, tiger lily, columbine, fireweed, penstemon, thimbleberry, lupine, cow parsley, sitka valerian, rosy spirea, bear grass, subalpine daisy
  • Paradise-Longmire Road: (6/17) jeffrey's shooting star, sitka valerian, lupine, thistle, cow parsley, bog orchid!, arnica, paintbrush, penstemon, goat's beard
  • Paradise: (6/14) lupine, bistort, cusick's speedwell, sitka valerian, sitka mountain ash, pink mountain heather, harsh paintbrush, subalpine daisy, cinquefoil, bear grass, jeffrey's shooting star
  • Comet Falls/Mildred Point/Van Trump: (6/9) colubine, bluebells, queen's cup, arnica, candyflower, sitka valerian, sitka mountain ash, elderberry, false solomon's seal, star-flowered false solomon's seal, violets; peak: avalanche lilies - very dense!
  • Reflection Lakes/High Lakes: (6/9) avalanche lily, shooting star, cinquefoil, lupine, columbine, bistort; early: pink mountain heather, sitka valerian, cliff penstemon, elephant head

Mountain Bog Gentian

Mountain Bog Gentian

NPS Photo

Wildflower Photos
The photos featured here are usually taken by park staff and volunteers from all over the park. Share your own wildflower photos in the Mount Rainier Flickr group! Higher resolution versions of wildflower photos are available on Mount Rainier's Flickr page.
Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

NPS, Chris Roundtree

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Sunrise are two of the main visitor center areas at Mount Rainier National Park. Both areas are well known for their impressive wildflower meadows. The park also maintains dozens of trails perfect for wildflower viewing.

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