Kids & Youth


When you visit Monocacy, younger visitors (ages 5-14) may ask for a Junior Ranger booklet and the new Civil War 150th Junior Ranger Booklet at the Monocacy National Battlefield Visitor Center. Complete this free activity booklet and earn a badge and a certificate. You may also download the Junior Ranger booklet or the Civil War 150th Junior Ranger booklet to print at home.


Have You Thought About a National Park Service Career?

Did you know that the United States was the first country in the world to set aside land to be used as parks? The National Park Service was started in 1916 to care for these parks, and it takes many dedicated people work for the National Park Service. Would you like to be one? Take a look at our slide show to see what you can do as a park ranger.


How Do We Learn About Our Park's History?

Do you ever wonder how people find out about the history of the park or what the land may have looked like hundreds or thousands of years ago? Well, park researchers talk to families who lived on the farms, read historic documents, and conduct archeology. Learn more about our archeology projects and how archeologists at Monocacy do their research.


Looking for More Fun Activities?

Check out the National Park Service WebRangers program, the National Park Service’s site for kids of all ages.

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