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"Current" News - Newsletter of Missouri National Recreational River
Get the latest on natural and cultural resources and their management and protection.

Latest Issue! Summer/Fall 2012 Vol 2 Number 2
Why MNRR is a National Park, Turtle Surveys, River Steward Recognition, What's New in Interpretation and Education, Stakeholder Boat Tours, MNRR Water Trail, Stay on the Path, MNRR Property

Winter/Spring 2012 Vol 2 Number 1
Outstandingly Remarkable Values, New Chief of Interpretation, Stakeholder Boat Tours, Prairie Restoration at Mulberry Bend, Vegetation After the Flood, Floating The Real Missouri River, General Land Office Records

Vol 1 Number 1
In this issue - Mass Movement Along the Missouri River, What is the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act? At Risk: Least Terns and Piping Plovers On The Niobrara River, Meridian Bridge History, Volunteers Promote Native Plants, Northern Leopard Frog, Oral History Project

Vol 1 Number 2
In this issue - Flood Response Monitoring at Bow Creek, Flood Photopoints, Flood Waters and Weeds: Friends or Foes? Trash talk: Cleaning Up the Missouri, Invading the Classroom: Using Invasive Species To Teach, Realities of Early Steamboat Travel

"Undercurrents" - MNRR Division of Interpretation Newsletter
Published annually with intermittent updates throughout the year.

Undercurrents 2009.0 (2.3 MB) - In this issue: Chief Ranger Retires, Under the Meridian Bridge, Doing Your Part: Leave No Trace Ethics, Bow Creek Recreation Area Open To Public, Chief Standing Bear, Resource Manager Heads West

Undercurrents 2008.3 (1.8 MB) - In this issue: Superintendent Takes The Helm On The Big Muddy, Protecting Your Rivers, Grant Marsh: Master of the Big Muddy, Park Offices To Move, Seven principles Of Leave No Trace

Did You Know?

Sheet Music of Folk Song

Each verse of the haunting American folk song, "Oh Shenandoah," ends with the line "... 'cross the wide Missouri." Click on "more" to visit the Missouri National Recreational River. More...