Marshall Terrace Park

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
2740 Marshall St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

Marshall Terrace Park

A quiet neighborhood park with two large playgrounds. Picnic tables are scattered across the park or one can sit on the grass beneath the shades of a tree. Another attraction during the summer time is the Marshall Terrace Park Pool.

On one side of the park is the busy Marshall Street and on other is the busy Mississippi River. Barges can easily be seen moving up and down the river. A trail also runs through the park looping from the 694 bridge to St. Anthony Parkway.

Activities: Biking, hiking, picnicking, wading pool.

Hours: Please call for more information.

Contact Information: Call the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board at 612-230-6400.


Sites Nearby: Gluek Park, Weber Park, Edgewater Park

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