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    National River & Recreation Area Minnesota


Getting Here

By Air
The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport is the major airport in this part of the country and is served by a number of major airlines.

By Car
Interstates 35 and 94 meet in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Locally, county and state highways as well as city streets all offer access to the river, visitor centers, and parks. If traveling using an alternative fuel vehicle use the Alternative Fueling Station Locator from the Department of Energy (search on zip code 55101) to find fueling stations.

After You Arrive

Public Transportation
MetroTransit provides mass transit services throughout the metropolitan area. Bus service is especially convenient to locations and activities near the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. MetroTransit also operates light rail service near the Mississippi River. Call 612-373-3333 to plan your trip to a particular destination within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. There are numerous taxi companies as well. Biking & Walking

Hiking and Biking
There are numerous trails along the Mississippi River that provide connections to places of interest, many of which are easily explored on foot or by bicycle. If you don't own a bicycle, you can rent a Nice Ride bicycle from one of the numerous stations located around the Twin Cities. Use the Mississippi River Companion as a guide for getting started on hiking or biking the many miles of trails within the bike-friendly cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Additional Information

The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area visitor center is located in the lobby of the Science Museum of Minnesota. (There is no admission fee to the visitor center, but there may be a parking fee on most days.) The visitor center is a good place to get started with your visit to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. There are, however, many visitor centers, parks, and other places of interest that line the entire 72 miles of river that comprise the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Check out Plan Your Visit page for directions to specific attractions within the park.

Did You Know?