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Our multimedia offers include river-related interactives, google earth files and more.

Panoramic images provide a 360-degree viewpoint of sites within the Mississippi River corridor. Move your mouse from left to right to view the site as if you were standing there. Flash Player is required to view the panoramas.

Coon Rapids Dam (1.1mb)
Harriet Island (2.0mb)
Mill Ruins Park (1mb)
Nicollet Island (1.8mb)
St. Anthony Falls (1.9mb)
St. Paul Brickyards (1.7mb)
Stone Arch Bridge (1.3mb)
Coldwater Spring Restoration

Google Earth
Left-click and open Park Boundary & Mississippi River Visitor Center with Google Earth or right-click and "Save As…".


Upper Post Timeline
Coldwater Spring Timeline


The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area offers videos ranging from park promotional videos to instructional videos. If the video doesn't work, check that you have installed and updated Flash Player.

From Mississippi River music to podcast tours, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area offers a variety of audio presentations available for download.

Healthy River Healthy You
The Healthy River Healthy You podcast helps take steps towards building a healthier lifestyle and river by offering health and environment tips and fun river facts and history while you walk alongside the Mississippi River.

Songs of the Mississippi River
Written and performed by Charlie Maguire, Songs of the Mississippi River offers true river music that speaks to the importance of the Mississippi River in the culture and geography of America.

Browse through images in our online photo galleries.

Park Photo Gallery
Browse our selection of park photographs formatted for both print and electronic media.

Photography in the Park
The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area has many opportunities and locations for photography. Check out our Photography in the Park page for ideas.

Browse through art about the Mississippi River created by area students.

Big River Art Galleries
The Big River Art Contest Galleries displays art created by 4th-6th grade students. Unique and vibrant, these works examine the Mississippi from many points of view.

Did You Know?

Headwaters of the Mississippi

The Mississippi River is approximately three feet deep at its headwaters at Lake Itasca and has an average surface speed of 1.2 miles per hour.