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Blue Dasher

Male blue dashers are beautiful insects with their bright tails, green striped thoraxes and green eyes.

They have favorite perches, usually twigs or stalks of grass or twigs leaning over the water. It is from these perches from which they pursue prey or chase other blue dashers.

Watch for Behavior

Blue dashers are particularly fun to watch since they only fly short distances from their perches when pursuing prey or intruders. Watch them catch their insect prey and return to their perches to eat it.

Male blue dashers protect their mate from other males when she is laying her eggs. He will fly just above her ready to chase off other males. Meanwhile, she flies across the surface of the water repeatedly and forcefully striking the tip of her tail against the water.

A blue dasher perched beside a pond watching for insect prey.

Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis)

Key ID Features: 1.1-1.7" in length. Males have brilliant green thoraxes with black stripes, bluish-white tail. Amber spots in wing. Females are a non-descript brown.

Present in Park: June through early September. Check the parking area around Pickerel Lake in Lilydale Regional Park.

Habitat: Lakes and ponds.

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