Songs of the Mississippi River

Children waving at Big River Journey event.
The Mississippi River may be the most musical river in the entire world! Drum songs, folk songs, blues and jazz were all created and recreated along its banks. Musicians have been truly prolific not only in the sheer volume of works about the river, but by the need to create entirely new musical styles just so they could describe their feelings about themselves and the river.

There are many interesting stories about and unique people along the Mississippi River, some of which have inspired ‘Songs of the Mississippi River’. These songs reflect the eight educational themes presented by the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. The themes are listed in the PDF followed by the titles that relate to them. Sheet music is also included for the songs in the PDF.

Play these songs; sing along to them, dance to them, be inspired by them! More importantly, come down to the river and consider taking an active role in caring for its future.

Sheet Music (PDF)

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