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Journey to the Falls: Workshops

Attendance at the Journey to the Falls Teacher Workshop is required of all teachers participating in the field trips.

Workshop Location

Mill City Museum
ADM Conference Room, 6th Floor
710 S. Second Street, Minneapolis

Date and Time
Saturday, September 13, 2014--8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Confirm your attendance for the workshop at the same time you select your trip date.

$20/teacher or $30/school is requested.

Workshop Content
At the required Journey to the Falls workshop teachers will:

-Learn to conduct classroom activities that will help prepare students for the field trip, while supporting academic standards.
-Learn about follow-up activities such as writing and art to extend the field trip learning experience.
-Get oriented to Journey to the Falls field trip logistics.
-Receive Teacher's Guide of thematic Mississippi River activities and resource materials.
-Become introduced to other river-related learning opportunities.
-Receive Continuing Education certificate.

For more information, e-mail Brian Goodspeed, or call him at (651) 293-8414.

Did You Know?

Canoeists in the Mississippi River Gorge

A canoe trip in the Mississippi River Gorge between Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN feels like you are miles away from civilization even though you are in the center of a large metropolitan area.