• View through the barbed wire from inside the camp looking east.


    National Historic Site ID,WA


Mess Hall at Minidoka Relocation Center

One of the over 430 mess halls handling over 9000 people.

Johnson & Son

Families gathering around the dinner table was one of the customs that was changed when people were put into the Minidoka Relocation Center.

Learn more about how family life was affected.

Family, Foods, and Dining

A look inside the Higo as it looks today.

View of the historic items that can be viewed inside the Higo.


"Meet Me at Higo: An Enduring Story of a Japanese American Family"

This exhibit is currently available at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.


Did You Know?

Honor Roll Sign

Nearly ten percent of the camp’s population – about 1,000 internees -- were in the military service. Of the ten relocation centers, Minidoka had the most volunteers.