• View of Square Tower House, seen along the Mesa Top Loop

    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado

For Kids

Becoming a Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Program

Children from age 4 to 12 can become a Junior Ranger at Mesa Verde. Just pick up an activity booklet at the Mesa Verde Visitor and Research Center or the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum, explore the park, complete the activities, and take the booklet to any park information center for review. A special Mesa Verde Junior Ranger badge is awarded for a job well done.

Hey Kids!
Want to try out some activities you can do right at home? Just follow this Park Fun link, print your favorite activity pages, and have fun as you learn about Ancestral Puebloan Life at Mesa Verde!

Kids of all ages can learn more about Mesa Verde National Park at home. Do you want to know more about Mesa Verde's cliff dwellings, see artifacts left by the Ancestral Puebloans, or discover the types of wildlife found at Mesa Verde? Then click on the links below.

Did You Know?

View of mesas

The Ancestral Puebloans inhabited Mesa Verde for more than 700 years (550 A.D. to 1300 A.D.), but for the first six centuries, they primarily lived on the mesa tops. It was not until the final 75 to 100 years that they constructed and lived in the cliff dwellings for which Mesa Verde is known.