• Mt. Williamson and cemetery monument


    National Historic Site California


The Manzanar Visitor Center, exhibits, movie, and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. The Visitor Center has a wheelchair available for visitor use. The Visitor Center also has a designated family restroom.

All of our video exhibits feature open captioning. Our 22 minute film, Remembering Manzanar, is captioned for the benefit of our visitors with hearing impairments. We also offer audio descriptive devices for use with Remembering Manzanar for visitors with visual impairments who would like to enjoy the movie.

The 3.2 mile auto tour around the site is drivable by most vehicles, including large motorhomes and vehicles towing trailers. A wheelchair accessible vault toilet is available at the cemetery, which is halfway around the auto tour.

Did You Know?

Rebuilt guard tower # 8. NPS Photo.

Eight guard towers were built around the perimeter of the camp. They were staffed by Military Police with submachine guns. In 2005 the National Park Service rebuilt one of the guard towers.