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    National Battlefield Park Virginia

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Natural Features and Ecosystems
Manassas National Battlefield Park protects over 5,000 acres of natural resources.
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Eagle soaring over the natural features of Manassas National Battlefield Park
The park preserves the historic landscaping that Civil War soldiers were likely to see during battle.
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Manassas National Battlefield Park protects over 5,000 acres of grasslands, forests, ponds and streams. An ecological community is a group of interacting species that coexist in an area. These communities are classified based on various components including vegetation, wildlife, land form, and hydrologic processes. The varying features that influence the different communities are both biotic and abiotic. Biotic factors result from living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, and people. Abiotic factors are the non-living components such as climate, rocks and minerals, soil, physiology, hydrology and altitude. The combination of these different features shapes an ecological community.

Morning dew clings to the grasses as the sun rises over the battlefield.
The park supports a diverse range of plants and animals.
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