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    Maine Acadian Culture


Pelletier-Marquis House

Interior Pelletier-Marquis House

Interior of the Pelletier‑Marquis House

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Mid-June to Labor Day: Tuesday through Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m.

Pelletier‑Marquis House
St. Agatha Historical Society
P.O. Box 237
St. Agatha, Maine 04772

The Pelletier-Marquis House represents an older working class home and is thought of as “everyman’s home.” Humble in appearance, its original site, rock foundation, low ceilings, buckwheat hull insulation, wide floor boards, and square-headed nails make this a unique historical structure.


Did You Know?

Former Mont Carmel Church in Lille, Maine

French language, family, religion, and attachment to the land and waterways of the Upper St. John Valley are key identifiers of Maine Acadian identity.