• close up view of gate and parade ground of Fort Clatsop

    Lewis and Clark

    National Historical Park OR,WA


View of Columbia River from Station Camp

View of the Columbia River from Station Camp - Middle Village

Middle Village - Station Camp Concept Design as of July 20, 2011 [pdf] 22 pages; 3.6MB

Station Camp - Middle Village Environmental Assessment [pdf]
177 pages; 13.0MB

Environmental Assessment by Chapters
Preface [pdf] 5 pages; 718KB
Chapter 1 [pdf] 11 pages; 12MB
Chapter 2-1 [pdf ] 7 pages; 3.8MB
Chapter 2-2 [pdf] 5 pages; 1.5MB
Chapter 3 [pdf] 19 pages; 2.0MB
Chapter 4 [pdf] 30 pages; 498KB
Chapter 5 [pdf] 5 pages; 192KB
Chapter 6 [pdf] 3 pages; 136KB
Appendix [pdf] 92 pages; 4.38MB

spruce tree tall

Sitka Spruce Tree

Photo by Bill Kaspar, NPS

Middle Village FONSI [pdf] 14 pages; 996 KB

Forest Environmental Assessment
[pdf] 131 pages; 2.6 MB

Fire Management Plan
[pdf] 211 pages; 3.2 MB

Bull and Cow Elk at Otter Point

Bull and Cow Elk at Otter Point

Otter Point - Environmental Assessment [pdf] 78 pages; 11 MB

Otter Point - Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) [pdf] 11 pages; 523 KB


Did You Know?


How do you pronounce Sacagawea's name? Lewis' rendition of it as "Sah ca gah we a" is fine. The accent is on the second syllable as in "Chicago".