• The calm, inviting waters of the Spokane Arm. Photo Credit: NPS\LARO\John Salisbury

    Lake Roosevelt

    National Recreation Area Washington

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  • Upcoming Prescribed Burns

    Fire crews will implement at prescribed burn at Rickey Point as early as April 16th. Burning is dependant on weather. More »

  • 2014 Youth Conservation Corps

    Lake Roosevelt NRA is now accepting applications for our 2014 Youth Conservation Corps positions. More »

  • 2014 Spring Prescribed Fire Burning Notice

    Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area may implement up to 3 of the following prescribed fires during the spring of 2014. More »

  • Keller Ferry Campground Under New Management

    Keller Ferry Campground is now managed by Dakota Columbia. Reservations can now be made on-line through Sunrise Reservations. More »


Fishing License Requirements

Washington State fishing regulations and licensing requirements apply when fishing on Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

When in waters adjoining the Colville Reservation a Washington State or Colville fishing license may be used. If you are fishing from shore on the Colville Reservation you must have a Colville Tribal fishing license. Check out the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation website or call (509) 634-2110 for more information.

The Spokane Tribe also requires a Spokane Tribal fishing license when fishing from shore on the Spokane Reservation. Call (509) 625-3511 for information.

Please do not put fish remains back into the lake. They take a long time to decompose in fresh water, resulting in littered and polluted water.

Bank Fishing
You can fish from shore anywhere outside of harbors and designated swim areas. Fishing is prohibited in these areas because hooks and fishing line can result in injury or drowning.

Before You Go:

Check out the updated fish consumption advisory from Washington Department of Public Health.

What to Fish For:

More than 30 species of fish inhabit this waters. Some common ones that you may encounter are:

Young walleye have six or seven dark saddle marks on their backs. Adults may be dark silver to dark olive brown with brassy spots. The underside may be yellow or white. There is a black blotch on the dorsal fin and a white tip on the lower lobe of the tail.

In past years more than 90 perscent of all fish causth have been walleye, one of Lake Roosevelt's prized game fish. If you catch one, you can be sure others are around, because walleye travel in schools. Average weight 1-4 lbs.

Ranbow Trout
Rivaling the walleye in popularity, this sport fish is an acrobatic fighter when hooked. Average weight 1-3 lbs.

White Sturgeon
North America's biggest freshwater fish. Landlocked behind Grand Coulee Dam, sturgeon can grow up to 1,800 lbs. Average weight 100-300 lbs.

Yellow Perch
A tasty, mild-flavored fish transplanted from the East. When hungry, this fish generally will bite anything offered. Average weight 0.3-0.5 lbs.

Lake Whitefish
An abundant species in Lake Roosevelt, not generally pursued by anglers. It is caught most often by those angling for trout or kokanee. Average weight 2-3 lbs.

Landlocked version of the anadromous sockeye slmon. Tributary streams provide important spawning grounds for this fish. Avearge weight 1.3 lbs.

One of the lake's native fish, also known as a fresh water lingcod. This tasty fish has become popular moung anglers. Average weight 3-7 lbs.

Other fish found in these waters include cutthroat traout, bass, sunfish, carp, perch, pike, and bullhead.

Did You Know?

Wild hyacinth is also known as the douglas brodaia

The pretty violet flowers of this wild hyacinth grows at Lake Roosevelt. An important food source, its small but sweet onion bulb is still popular. Covered by a fibrous netting called a corm net, excavated and carbon dated corm nets established that people lived at Kettle Falls 9,500 years ago.